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The price is structured for an approximately 4-week campaign.  However, you'll be able to review/approve exact campaign details prior to launch.


Videos streamed through over-the-top (OTT) services, like Hulu, Roku, YouTube TV, Peacock TV, and other video streaming platforms, account for more than 74% of today’s television viewing audience.


Connected TV/OTT is where people are watching.


Imagine being able to place a television campaign that is only delivered to households that match your specific ideal customer profile.  We can do that.


Imagine being able to place a television campaign that is targeted based on online behaviors (i.e. searches, etc.), physical/location behaviors, and/or literally hundreds of other data points.  We can do exactly that.


Now imagine a television ad campaign that allows us to see which commercial lead to the most actual web searches of your business or physical store visits.  We can do that.


While this campaign is designed for 4 weeks, it is typically recommended that you plan to devote 12 weeks (3 months) to a campaign to determine the best results.

Connected TV / OTT

  • Once you purchase a campaign, you’ll be emailed a form that asks detailed questions about who you want to see the ads, what geography you want your ads to run in, and what you want those individuals to do (i.e. phone calls, schedule appointments, mass awareness, etc.).

    This product does assume you have a :15 second, :30 second, or :60 second commercial ready to use.  If not, and you’d like us to create a video for you, then make sure you include a video production (creative services) product in addition to this campaign.

    Once those forms are filled out, and you've approved the final plan and video, your campaign can start within 3 business days.

  • Anything paid towards a campaign is fully refundable until the campaign is up and running. Once a campaign has started, however, then no refunds shall be granted.

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