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At grocery stores, walking down the street, mowing lawns, in the office, at the job site- wherever there are people you’ll notice that there are a lot of folks with earbuds in their ears.  They’re listening to content.


Imagine being able to target thousands of loyal listeners while they’re actively seeking out information.  Imagine being able to create brand awareness for your business by being consistently in front of a passionate, interested audience.


This is the magic power of advertising in podcasts and streaming audio.  You have the ability to tell your story to these listeners when they’re most likely to hear it and respond.


We’ll choose the appropriate platforms, podcast networks, and maybe even specific podcasts that are best aligned with your goals, budget, and target audience.


Each campaign is designed to be 4 weeks long.  It is typically recommended that you devote 12 weeks (3 months) to a campaign to determine the best results.

Podcasting & Streaming Audio

  • Once you purchase a campaign, you’ll be emailed a form that asks detailed questions about who you want to see the ads, what geography you want your ads to run in, and what you want those individuals to do (i.e. phone calls, schedule appointments, mass awareness, etc.).

    You’ll also be asked to provide creative information (the images and words to use in the ads) and/or choose from some predesigned templates.

    Once those forms are filled out, your campaign can start within 3 business days.

  • Anything paid towards a campaign is fully refundable until the campaign actually starts to deliver. Once a campaign has started, then no refunds shall be granted.

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