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The price is structured for an approximately 4-week campaign.  However, you'll be able to review/approve exact campaign details prior to launch.


Ever been talking about something and then all of a sudden you started seeing ads all over the internet about that thing?  Well, programmatic display is the tool that company used to get your attention.


Our network of publishers has the ability to reach 98% of the population with display ads.


Imagine being able to reach individuals based on their physical behaviors such as what stores they go to, restaurants they eat at, daily habits they exhibit, etc.


Imagine being able to reach individuals based on their online behaviors.  Not just what they’re searching for, but also what they’re reading, watching, and what websites they visit.


Imagine being able to reach individuals based on their job history, credit history, past purchases, brand affinities, and literally thousands of other data points.


Now, imagine all that information is able to be used in combination with each other, to ensure that your display ads reach exactly WHO you need to reach, precisely WHEN it’s most advantageous to reach them.


That’s what our programmatic display allows you to do.  Simply give us as much information as possible about who you want to reach, and what action you want them to take- and we’ll take it from there.


You’ll be able to monitor the results of the campaign in real-time from your dashboard.


We've split this product into 2 basic types of campaigns- reach campaigns and lead/visit campaigns.


Reach campaigns are designed to reach the largest audience possible.  Lead/visit campaigns are designed to drive specific low-funnel actions like phone calls, form-fills, and/or actual foot traffic to a location.


While this campaign is designed for 4 weeks, it is typically recommended that you plan to devote 12 weeks (3 months) to a campaign to determine the best results.


Programmatic Display

  • Once you purchase a campaign, you’ll be emailed a form that asks detailed questions about who you want to see the ads, what geography you want your ads to run in, and what you want those individuals to do (i.e. phone calls, schedule appointments, mass awareness, etc.).

    You’ll also be asked to provide creative information (the images and words to use in the ads).  These can be completed ads, but they can also just be elements (i.e. a logo and tagline) and you just choose from one of our proven templates.

    Once those forms are filled out, and you approved the creative and the final plan- your campaign can start within 3 business days.

  • Anything paid towards a campaign is fully refundable until the campaign is up and running. Once a campaign has started, however, then no refunds shall be granted.

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