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On average, less than 3% of the people you get to your website will provide you with identifiable information.  That means that 97% of those individuals you got to your site through your marketing efforts will disappear into anonymity.


ShopperSuite changes that.  Using privacy compliant, patent-pending, cookieless technology, ShopperSuite converts anonymous shoppers into unique addressable households (name, address, email) and ties all the devices in the household into one unique household profile.  This enables immersive household marketing and measurement with complete loop attribution.


ShopperSuite instantly triggers an automated omnichannel media campaign targeting those specific households to get them to become actual customers.  Through off-line match backs, Shopper Suite will also visualize your customer journey and most importantly, Shopper Suite knows what brought each visitor to the site, for every visit along that journey, enabling true multi-touch influence attribution reporting, down to the campaign level.


It all starts with a data analysis, where the ShopperSuite script is installed on your site to begin transforming your audience into opportunities.  The analysis is used to gauge the size of your audience to generate the scope for a paid campaign.  The minimum paid campaign cost is $2500, and the minimum paid campaign term is 3 months.  The 1-month data analysis, however, is no obligation.


How does it work? 


When a shopper visits your website, they will be asked whether they would like to share their current location (you’ve seen these types of pop-ups before on websites… basically the “we use cookies” thing). If they opt-in, they can be transformed into a unique addressable household (1st party data) and targeted with instant marketing.


Within 24 to 48 hours, ShopperSuite will send direct mail pieces, mobile-responsive emails, and display ads/social media retargeting to identified households. 

*streaming video, linear tv, and smart audio are also available


ShopperSuite will track how a customer interacts with your business, monitor how many shoppers have been mailed, and reveal potential opportunities for future activations on the households that did not buy, because it knows who bought.


Even better, you get to watch the whole thing down to the exact return on ad spend in real-time,  on your own custom dashboard.


This product does require approximately 1,000 unique visitors to your website per month, but if you’re at that point- we’d like to offer to let you try this product via your data analysis for a month with no obligation!


For more detailed information, and to view the printable presentation- Click Here.

Free ShopperSuite Data Analysis

  • Once you checkout, you’ll be emailed a form. Fill that out and we’ll take it from there.

  • This is a free, no obligation product.

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