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Stakeholder Capitalism

We are committed to more than just profit.


We are a company fully committed to stakeholders rather than just shareholders.  For those that don’t know that distinction, shareholders are the financial owners of a company.  Stakeholders are those impacted by a company- this includes employees, vendors, customers, the government, and society at large.  All shareholders are stakeholders, but not all stakeholders are shareholders.


In other words, we want to make sure our stakeholders are enriched by our company’s existence.  That’s very different from just making sure the pockets of our shareholders are enriched.


Specifically, here is how we uphold that promise.

Internal Stakeholders


  • We pay an above-average compensation to our employees as determined by their given job description and geographical location.

  • Unless absolutely necessary, we do not impose a schedule on our employees.  Instead, we evaluate performance based on specific desired outcomes rather than trading time for money.  This puts each employee in control of his or her individual schedule and the structure of their daily life.

  • We do not use non-compete agreements or other tools designed to coerce our employees.  Instead, we expect our employees to grow and continuously better themselves however they see fit.



  • We are a profitable company that is built for financial stability and reasonable growth.  We are committed to being good stewards of the assets provided by our shareholders.

Proximal Stakeholders


  • We pay our vendors on time.

  • All vendors are chosen based on a variety of factors including their own commitment to fair pay for their employees, commitment to diversity, and environmental sustainability.



  • We do not lock our customers into long-term contracts.  Our aim is to make our customers WANT to work with us.

  • We are focused on complete transparency with our customers having full access to real-time reporting and exact performance metrics on every campaign.

  • Our campaigns are built with each customer’s dream in mind.  This commitment is at the heart of everything we do.

Broader Stakeholders

Advertising/Marketing Industry

  • We recognize that the difference between good and bad marketing is the difference between a business that thrives and a business that dies.  Therefore, we view the advertising/marketing industry as a vital industry for the world at large.

  • We seek to help the industry transition away from award-chasing and high-pressure sales, and into serious consulting with a recognition of the fiduciary responsibility that each and every advertising professional carries.



  • We will treat competitors with respect and all battles will be fought with integrity.



  • Our tax burden is approximately 30%.  We happily and proudly pay all applicable taxes.


Society at Large

  • We are committed to being a carbon-neutral company, and take active measures to achieve that result.  Click Here to find out more about our carbon offsetting measures.

  • We are committed to diversity and inclusion within our company, and will not execute any campaign that denigrates or disparages any group of individuals.

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