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Get an Accurate Picture of Where You Are

+ Get a Roadmap for Where You Want to Go

All for just $50!!!


You will receive:

  • An in-depth, 7-point audit of your current efforts and how those compare to standards in your industry.

  • A custom-made media plan detailing how you should allocate your media/advertising budget.

  • A blueprint for the exact metrics you should be using to judge the effectiveness of each piece of your campaigns.

  • A 30-minute video conference with a marketing professional with over a decade of experience in the industry to answer your questions.

Plus, you don't pay until after we've done the work, and you're happy!

Why do we call this a $50 CMO?

Well, first of all, if you're happy with our services, then we bill you for $50- so that's that piece of it.

But the reason we call this a "CMO" for that price (even though a decent number of people who use this are actually the Chief Marketing Officers of a company) is that it fulfills the 3 key roles that every CMO is responsible for.  Those are:

What is our secret?
We use a mixture of A.I.  and real professionals to do amazing things in an efficient way.

How is it only $50?
If you're wondering how we can do this when we only make $50... it's actually way worse than that.  You came here through one of our ads.  Our cost per appointment is about $50... so we actually make $0 profit.  So, how can we do that?  Well, about 10% of the companies that we do all this work for are so pleased by the results of what we've done that they actually want us to handle all their media/marketing/advertising needs.  That's when we actually make money.  So, by doing things this way, you get a TON of value for $50, and we get a reliable/consistent inbound prospect stream that costs us zero dollars.  In that way, it's truly a win/win.

Are we any good?
For our actual clients, we have a 91% renewal/retention rate.  Our average client has an 8:1 ROAS.  Our team each has over a decade of experience in their respective fields, and we're a leading advertising technology company that typically works behind the scenes of other agencies.  Need more?  Fine, here are some case studies.

What if you're unhappy?
Then don't pay us anything... it really is that simple.  We don't take your credit card info or anything until after we've done the work.  Also, we literally don't use your contact info for anything other than reaching out to set an appointment time.


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